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Cooking Instructions – updated each week

Cooking guidance for 4th September

All ovens are different and please use the suggested times below as a guide .  

Pot of aubergines –  best eaten at room temperature or warm slightly & may be use them as an accompaniment for grilled lamb or chicken

Pea soup – just needs re-heating gently – if having garlic roll with the soup – it will need re-heating , again, through a  pre-heated oven for 5 mins.

Fish soup-  re-heat gently and swirl in aiolli and sprinkle with cheese , if desired.

Celeriac remoulade – best at room temperature    

Crab salad- best at room temperature


These will keep for a few days. Leave out for 30 mins plus prior to cooking.

Cook in a pre-heated oven on a baking sheet [ lid off ] ; upper shelf

160-180c [ gas 5 ] up to 30 – 40 mins . May need to cover loosely with foil if colours quickly. Always ensure the pie is piping hot but leave to ‘rest’ for a few minutes prior to eating

.Pots of greens – easiest to warm through the microwave for up to 2 minutes  

Mushroom Wellington

These will keep for a few days. Leave out for 30 mins plus prior to cooking.

Remove the roasted vegetables and onions from the box & place in small oven proof dish . Warm the Wellington in the box  – still wrapped in the parchment paper first heat in a microwave  for 40-60 seconds  and then transfer to a pre-heated oven 160-

180c [ gas 5 ] up to 20 mins. The vegetables just need re-heating through the oven again for around 20 mins. Heat the gravy in a small pan  and warm the green veg pot [ as for lasagna ] 

Stick toffee pudding  For best results heat pot through microwave [ 2 mins approx ] May be pop STP on a small side plate

just in case the toffee sauce   boils over !  

Italian Torta  –just leave out at room temperature . Also could be warmed ever so slightly….. 20-25 seconds  max in microwave – just to soften ganache without melting the chocolate .  Serve 

Sunday lunch

When you are collecting food to take home which is hot ‘ready to go’ [ or may be we are delivering to you ]

It is a good idea to pre-heat your oven on low to medium setting – just in case you need to ‘hold’ your food for a short period of time [ for example, you may have decided to have starters prior to your main courses ] Also you may need to travel a bit further to get home.

Alternatively, you can give the pots a quick boost in the microwave too.

If you like to eat off your own plates -always ensure they are nice and hot too !

Sunday roast gravy is always served in a pot – so you can arrange your food without any unnecessary mess !


And finally enjoy !

If you are unsure on anything- please do not hesitate to ring 01952 884667

Remember the pots are bio-degradable but can come in useful . If you are green fingered they make ideal seedling pots and for ‘potting on’ – these pots could then be planted straight into the ground . Perfect for this Springtime .

Please let us know of any allergies and intolerance. We’ll do our best to adapt !

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