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Cooking Instructions

Cooking guidance and tips

Week – 23rd – 27th December


Most we make are best heated in a saucepan. If some seem too thick just adjust accordingly .

It’s possible to use a microwave too. Ensure all soups are HOT but don’t let them boil !  

Garlic Bread

Just pop the foiled pack into a pre heated oven [ 170c] for 10-12 mins ]

Chilli tofu & aubergine   

Just warm through in the microwave on medium for 1-2 minutes or better still heat through in a frying pan on a medium flame. May need a splash of water to lessen the risk of ‘catching’ [ because of the sugar/ soy etc]

Dodine of duck- this is best served at room temp [ leave out for about 30 mins ] There may be some discolourisation [due to oxidisation ] but this won’t spoil the eating ! The dodine is also great served with some crispy roast potatoes on the side or some relish / chutney.

Pheasant – easy !

These will keep for a few days. Leave out for 30 mins plus prior to cooking.

Cook in a pre-heated oven on a baking sheet [ lid off ] ; upper shelf

160c- [ gas 4 ] up to 25 mins .Check after 18 minutes. I have pre cut the pheasant to make it easier when serving.

Sprinkle with a little dukkah mix & a dollop of coriander yoghurt

Vegetable moussaka -easy !

These will keep for a few days. Leave out for 30 mins plus prior to cooking.

Cook in a pre-heated oven on a baking sheet [ lid off ] ; upper shelf. 160C – [gas 4 ] for about 25- 40 minutes.. Scatter with crumbled feta [ separate pot ]

Chowder -easy !

As for soups – this one is naturally thicker. This is best warmed briefly in a microwave & then transferred to a pan.If you start the chowder from cold in a pan there is more risk of the soup ‘catching’ therefore a little heat prior helps.

Just before serving, add the cream and herbs [separate pot ]

Box of greens

Up to 2-3 minutes in a microwave. If no microwave, best heated in a wide pan with a splash of water to create steam

Once the steam evaporates , the olive oil will envelope the vegetables better. Season with black pepper & sea salt.

Coconut rice pudding

Warm rice pudding in microwave – medium I minute then check -may need a little longer. Sprinkle rice with cinder toffee [ separate] & eat with tropical fruit [ separate ]


This can be eaten at room temp [ leave out for 20-30 mins] or better still pop in microwave for 20-30 secs on medium or a touch longer . This helps warm the biscuit & the chocolate will just begin to wobble .

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Up to 2 minutes in a microwave [medium] [ tip – put pot on a side plate to reduce sauce spillage ! ]

Cranberry & pecan tart

Room temperature or similar to cheesecake

Christmas Puddings

Unwrap from cling film. Place pudding in desired microwave safe bowl and cover pudding with ‘pot ‘ it came in.

Up to 1minute 30 seconds in a microwave [ medium ] It will be light & soft to touch . May need a little longer depending on power.

Alternatively, they could be traditionally steamed again . Just keep the pudding in the pot with the attached plastic lid. Steam for 40-60 minutes approx.

Festive tartlets

These taste better warmed through the oven- just pop on a baking sheet for a few minutes in a medium oven .

Brandy Butter

Keep refrigerated – take out 20- 30- mins before use.

Cheese box

Best served at room temperature

Boxing Day and Sunday lunch 27th

When you are collecting food to take home which is hot ‘ready to go’ [ or may be we are delivering to you ] –

We normally ask if you want your soups hot or whether we”ll send them chilled [ may be you want to eat these in the evening or for the following day. ]

It is a good idea to pre-heat your oven on low to medium setting – just in case you need to ‘hold’ your food for a short period of time [ for example, you may have decided to have starters prior to your main courses ] Also you may need to travel a bit further to get home.

Alternatively, you can give the pots a quick boost in the microwave too.

If you like to eat off your own plates -always ensure they are nice and hot too !

Most sauces or gravy is always served in a pot – so you can arrange your food without any unnecessary mess !

And finally enjoy !

If you are unsure on anything- please do not hesitate to ring 01952 884667

Remember the pots are bio-degradable but can come in useful . If you are green fingered they make ideal seedling pots and for ‘potting on’ – these pots could then be planted straight into the ground .

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